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Length: 1980mm

Width: 700mm

Diamter of Expanding Base: 1210mm

Thickness: 7mm

Rolled up Dimensions: 700mm x 200mm

Weight: Approximately 4kg / 8.8lbs

Package Size: 700mm x 200mm x 200mm

Rolled up Dimensions: 700mm x 200mm


Length: 400mm

Width: 100mm

Height: 85mm

Diameter: 100mm

Weight: 400 grams

Package Size: 400mm x 100m x 90mm

1x Axiis Mat

1x Carry Straps

1x Warranty Card

1x Care Instructions

1x Axiis Dock (sold separately)

The AXIIS DOCK keeps your device in the optimal position for viewing your screen from any height or angle throughout your workout. Offering lightweight support for your smart phone or tablet, it's compatible with your favourite exercise or yoga mat. You can even use it to guide your mat rolling at the end of a session. The AXIIS DOCK also doubles as a handy storage space for keeping exercise equipment or personal items—simply attach the carry strap and take it with you to the gym, park or beach.
Fast and free delivery
Experience fast and free shipping with Australia Post, straight from our Melbourne warehouse.
1 Year Warranty
Designed to endure, built to perform, backed by a 1-year warranty.
Versatile Performance for Any Exercise.

AXIIS MAT is perfect for any exercise routine, whether it's yoga, pilates, or workouts. It can turn any room into a home gym or studio, but rolls up compactly for easy transport and storage.

Icon illustration showing the AXIIS Mat / Yoga / Excercise Mat being 50% larger than standard yoga mats.
Increased Workout Area
50% larger than standard mats, rolls up compactly. Offers a spacious workout area with circular support for wide-stance positions.
Icon illustration showing the 7mm thickness of the AXIIS Mat which provides great support and comfort.
High Density Structure
The 7mm thick AXIIS MAT provides firm support and durability, ensuring optimal joint cushioning during yoga, workouts and weight training.
Icon illustration demonstrating that the AXIIS Yoga Mat is easy to clean and prevents moisture absorption into its material.
Hygienic Closed-Cell Construction
Manufactured with closed-cell structures to prevent moisture absorption and eliminate mould and bacteria build-up.
Unique Expanding Base
Illustration how the AXIIS Yoga / Exercise Mat rolls out.
Unroll and Maximize Your Workout Space
Illustration of the AXIIS Yoga Mats Expanding Wings providing it a large workout area.
Unfold AXIIS MAT Wings
A Lady doing yoga on her Axiis Fit Yoga Mat and utilising the extra space from AXIIS Mats unique wing design
Uncompromising Quality and Convenient Portability.

Experience uncompromising quality and spaciousness with the AXIIS MAT. Meticulously crafted with precision, this fitness mat offers a generous workout area without sacrificing portability. Immerse yourself in the finest materials, carefully chosen for durability and comfort.

The AXIIS DOCK Pairs Perfectly With Your Fitness Mat.

Introducing the AXIIS DOCK: Your versatile exercise mat companion. Attach it to any standard mat, position your smart device at a convenient 45° angle, and enjoy seamless viewing during workouts and yoga sessions. It's portable, with a carry strap for on-the-go training, and even provides storage space for your essentials. Stay connected and organized wherever you train.

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